Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 8 - Recipe 12

Well... it's bound to happen. If you set out to try something new everyday, eventually you will find a bomb. And that is my dinner in a nutshell. NOT GOOD!

The meal was for lemon and rosemary chicken in the crockpot. It all started out well and even smelled good throughout the day. I have made whole chickens in the crock before and they have turned out wonderful. But it wasn't in the stars for tonight. The lemon taste was extremely overwhelming. It turned out so bad that I didn't even eat more than one bite. Luckily we had some couscous and green beans, so we didn't starve. Anya kept saying how much she loved the couscous, so at least one thing was good!

I'm not including the recipe for obvious reasons. Hopefully this will be a one time thing. I hate when recipes don't turn out. :(

Tomorrow is another day........


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