Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 19 Part 1 - Recipe 30 "Tuesdays with Dorie"

This week's TWD selection (Granola Grabbers) was chosen by Michelle of Bad Girl Baking. To be perfectly honest, I considered sitting out this week. I really didn't think I would enjoy these cookies. But, being my second week with TWD, I didn't want to bow out. Plus, the whole point of my joining this group is to bake my way through this cookbook and to try recipes that I normally would shy away from. So, that being said, I sucked it up and made a batch of cookies!

These cookies have a lot of things I love; granola, nuts, raisins. In theory, I should've loved these cookies. But, I only took one bite. They just weren't my cup of tea. I think I may be one of the few TWDers that didn't care for them. :( Anya liked them, though. And, hey, if you're gonna give your kid a cookie, one with wheat germ in it is a good way to go!

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Melissa said...

Sorry you didn't like the granola grabbers. They are a little different than the traditional cookies. At least your child liked them! And welcome to Tuesdays with Dorie!

CB said...

Bummer you weren't a fan but way to bake with the team!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

Anonymous said...

Glad you decided to make them, you most definitely won't like everything but with any luck your friends and family will continue to take them off your hands!

Tara said...

Welcome! Sorry you didn't like them, but they look great! I liked mine, but I made some adaptations!

Barbara said...

Welcome! Sorry you didn't like these. I liked them better than I thought I would -- and the folks at work loved them!

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