Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 28 Part 2 - Recipe 50 "TWD Rewind"

I had a few bananas that were getting too ripe so I was off to find something to do with them. The week before I joined TWD, Ashlee of A Year in the Kitchen picked the Black and White Banana Loaf. I decided to give that a try today considering I had some bittersweet chocolate leftover from my Daring Baker's challenge (you'll see that tomorrow!).

The loaf is good, but not great. I like bananas and chocolate so I thought this would be a no-brainer. I guess I just prefer plain ol' banana bread! But, I'm glad I was able to make a past TWD recipe and I look forward to trying a lot more! (There are 23 more rewinds to be done!)

Oh, and you can find the recipe on Ashlee's blog!


Millers! said...

Ok so I just got some ingredients and groceries to do some of your dinners and desserts... I will let you know how they go... I am "sort of" excited to try them!

Barbara said...

I felt the same about this recipe, but it was fun to make all the same. Your marbling looks lovely!

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