Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fry Bread and Anya's Party

I'm going to start with the recipe for today in case you are here just for the food. :) HEE HEE!

I love fry bread. It is so quick and easy and very delicious. The best part to me is that with fry bread you can have dinner and dessert all in one. My favorite way to eat fry bread is to top it like a tostada. Refried beans, cheese, tomatoes, olives, sour cream, spinach (or any lettuce you like). YUM! It is also great topped with cinnamon-sugar and honey!

Fry Bread

5 cups flour
1 tsp salt
2 TBSP baking powder
1 TBSP butter, melted
2 cups milk
Vegetable oil for frying

Sift 4 cups of flour with salt and baking powder. Mix milk and butter; add to dry ingredients. Work into a soft dough. Turn out onto a floured surface, kneading and working in remaining flour. Divide dough into 6 equal balls (can do more if you want the bread smaller). Flatten to about 1/8" thickness. Drop into hot oil and brown on both sides.

Top however you please! :)


Now on to some really fun stuff! A lot of people have been asking me about Anya's party, so I thought I would share a bit.

4 years ago today my baby girl was born. She took a LONG time to get here, but it was worth it! I went in to have her on the night of the 4th (I was induced due to pre-eclampsia; Anya was 3 weeks early) and her birthday was supposed to be 5-5-05. She had different plans. 36 hours later my beautiful daughter was born and the last 4 years have been so wonderful. She is such a joy and I love being her mom!

Currently Anya is obsessed with My Little Pony's. I'm talking OBSESSED! So, in addition to a surprise party, we did a bit of a pony theme. Anya requested 4 cakes and Nathan had the great idea to put the symbols from some of her favorite ponies on the cakes. Anya was so excited to see her cakes! She was incredibly surprised and it was exciting to see her face. The picture I included of her coming in says it all to me. She stuck her hands straight out and started shaking them. It took her a minute or two before she realized what was going on and then she started jumping up and down. It was a great day!

I want to publicly thank my AWESOME friends for all their help with the party. I don't know what I would do without these girls. They are truly a blessing and I love them so much! So, thank you, Monica, for taking Anya for the afternoon, getting her dressed for the party, and bringing her over. Thank you, Britteny, for getting the balloons blown up for me! Thank you, Erica, for taking AMAZING pictures (and for the yummy fruit salad!). Thank you for all you do, guys!

Here are some pics from the day. Enjoy!

Rainbow Dash and Starsong cakes
Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie cakes

Number 4 and Rainbow Cookies

The set-up
Anya in complete shock
Me and my princess
Waiting so patiently
Getting ready to dig in!

Anya's loot
My favorite picture of the day!


Katy ~ said...

I am smiling from the inside out! What a day!

Never had fry bread I dont think. Looks very good!

~Carole said...

Hi! I just found you blog. How lucky your sweet daughter is. Looks like her party was a success.

You have some great recipes here and I'm looking forward to exploring more.

Bunny said...

AWEEEEEEE!!! She's adorable!!! The decorated cakes and cookies are so pretty!! I'm glad she had the perfect birthday!!

The Grows said...

Great pictures! They going nicely withe the great party. We had a great time. I am so happy we get to by Anya's and your friend. You guys are the best!!!!!

teresa said...

How FUN! What a lucky girl, and everything turned out so pretty.

The fry bread looks incredible too!

The McBride Family said...

SO much fun!! And thank you for the party, treats, and the fry bread since that was awesome too! :)


What a great idea! You did a great job Cristine! It all looks fabulous. And Happy Birthday to Anya! I can't believe its really been 4 years...How did that happen???

Susan @ SGCC said...

That Fry Bread looks great! I will definitely have to try it.

What an adorable little princess you have! It looks like she had a wonderful time on her big day. :)

J.Danger said...

Oh my word! What a spread! What a lucky little girl to have such an awesome mom! Looks like you all had so much fun! Good job Christine! Amazing.

Priscilla said...

What sweet pics! Anya is a beautiful little girl! Looks like a fun party!

Katiecakes said...

What a lovely day! Those pictures are beautiful :D

Katie xox

Anonymous said...

I need to make fry bread. The birthday girl looks deliriously happy. It looks like it was a great day!

Coleen's Recipes said...

Your little girl is beautiful, she looks just like her mommy!! What a great birthday party, everything looks PERFECT for the big day. Thank you for sharing the photos, I like the last photo the best too.

The Bahens said...

I love fry bread. My husband's company used to have these super lame company retreats at an Indian casino in the middle of nowhere. It was really boring, there was never anything to do, etc, etc. BUT the restaurant had fry bread and we'd eat it warm covered with butter and homemade blackberry jam! It made the whole trip worthwhile!

Megan said...

WOW! Both of you look superb (and absolutely beautiful!). The cakes and cookie were in a class by themselves - you really outdid yourself, and I know you wouldn't have it any other way!

You are an awesome mom and Anya is just precious - enjoy!

HoneyB said...

Oh Cristine what a great day it looks like Anya had! Great photos!

The fry bread is awesome. I have always just had it at the fairgrounds with butter and sugar...but eating it as a tostada looks delish too!

P.S. Yes, I'll adopt you. ;o)

TeaLady said...

I LOVE Fry bread. When we were in Four Corners area had fry bread tacos. Really good. Usually get them at local Pow Wow with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Delish. Yours look great.

Cutie Pie at her birthday. Aren't they fun at that age.

Michele said...

What a lovely day! Your photos are so sweet. I also love fry bread but rarely make it. It's such a delicious treat; I should make it more often!

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your littles one's special day!

Ingrid said...

She's a doll, Cristine! Everything looks great especially your cakes and cookies. Terrific job!

Ingrid said...

Duh, forgot to tell you...thanks for the fried bread recipe. I've never seeh or heard of it before. I know I'm gonna love it! Bread, YUM! Fried? Even better!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

What a fun birthday for your princess! It all looks perfect.

Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Christine, what a memorable day for your Darling Daughter. All of the effort produced beautiful results down to the last detail.

I love that last picture, too ~ absolutely jubilant!!

(And YUM, you've reminded me I haven't made Fry-Bread in ages. Yours looks exceptional.)

Stephanie said...

Aw what a cutie! It looks like she had a ball on her special day!

margot said...

Wow, it looks like your daughter had the perfect birhday party; she looks absolutely joyful in the last pic!

Every Day Blessings said...

Oh my that looks fun! What a sweetie.

Andrea said...

Happy birthday, Anya! It looks like you both had a wonderful day!

I just could not believe myself reading this post, my daughter also just turned 4 on April 23rd, she was due in May (13th) 2005 and was also born 3 weeks early, because I was induced due to pre-e. And she loves My Little Ponies too -- she was really into them last year and we even went to see My Little Pony Live as a mommy daughter day. So much fun!

Just had to share, I could not believe all the coincidences!!

Your fry bread looks wonderful too, I love the stuff, but don't have a favorite recipe, so will give yours a try for sure :)

Take care,

Mermaid Sweets said...

Wow, you are surely a supermom. And your daughter is beautiful. The cakes and cookies look amazing, what frosting did you use on those cookies, I would love to do that for my niece's 5th birthday. Would you mind sharing? You Rock!

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