Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pumpkin Oatmeal

A few months back I was on a huge oatmeal kick and was eating it a few times a week. I think I got burned out on it and I didn't eat it for a while. Then I rediscovered Kath Eats Real Food. This girl has some amazing oatmeal combinations.

The pumpkin oatmeal with butterscotch chips was calling my name and it was fantastic. The pumpkin puree made it so creamy and thick. It was so filling and the taste was out of this world. YUM YUM YUM!

Pumpkin Oatmeal
Adapted from Kath Eats Real Food

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1 cup oats
1-2 TBSP brown sugar (depends on how sweet you like it)
Butterscotch chips

Bring water and milk to a boil. Add in oats and pumpkin. Cook until desired consistency is reached. Mix in brown sugar. Top with chips, coconut, and walnuts.


Ingrid said...

Sounds interesting. My children like oatmeal but it's the instant. I wonder if they would enjoy the "real" kind. Did your children like it? I'm going to go back & find your previous ones as well & check 'em out.

teresa said...

Oh my gosh, that looks AMAZING!

Emily Rose said...

this sounds so good! I love breakfasts that include dessert ingredients (butterscotch chips)!

Snooky doodle said...

How strange I ve never thought of pumpkin and oatmeal. I like oatmeal with honey and coconuts. I ll try this though :)

Jennifer said...

I used to eat just the oatmeal packets by themselves. I too, saw Kath Eats and now I have real oatmeal, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, diced banana, slivered almonds, and I am stuffed until lunch! It makes such a huge difference by adding mix ins. Your oatmeal looks great!

HoneyB said...

Looks great Cristine!

Maria said...

I am going to try this for breakfast!

Donna-FFW said...

I will have to try this for breakfast for my children. Sounds like something they would like. Thanks for posting.

Netts Nook said...

Sounds great can't wait to try. Go Army I have a son and son-in-law both in Iraq thanks for being a supportive wife, and a good cook also.

SUGAR B said...

That is an interesting mix you have in that oatmeal. I just had a bowl of oatmeal with maple and blackberries . . not sure about butterscotch chips, but then again, I am Asian.

Pamela said...

I've seen her tribute to oatmeal and I was also amazed by the number of variations she had! It looks so comforting and delicious!

Anonymous said...

I've made oatmeal with pumpkin puree before, it's sooo yummy, I never added butterscotch chips though, I'll have to do that next time! Thanks for the recipe!

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