Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Cookie Carnival

This months cookie selection was Chocolate Fudge Cookies with Tofee and Dried Cherries from Regan Daley. I love chocolate cookies, so I was excited about this selection. I don't care for toffee that much, though, so I knew that I was going to make some of these without the toffee.

I split the dough in half and added toffee to one half and just the dried cherries to the other. I really enjoyed the cookies without the toffee. The addition of the toffee was weird to me. Not just because I don't like toffee, but mostly because it just seemed to be too much going on.

I would make these cookies again (without toffee). They were fantastically delicious.

As always, thanks to Kate from The Clean Plate Club for hosting this wonderful group!


Pamela said...

I had never used dried cherries before this recipe, and now I'm thinking that they will be come a regular staple in my pantry. The cookies look great!

HoneyB said...

These sounds yummy. Of course, anything with toffee is going to make me drool. ;)

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