Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TWD: Rewind.... Split Level Pudding

This week was a rewind recipe and I debated for a while about whether to make something I have already made and loved or to try a recipe I skipped. I finally decided to make something I skipped and started flipping through the book to find one that jumped out at me. This pudding won for two reasons. 1- I love pudding and homemade pudding is amazing. 2- I had all the ingredients I needed.

The pudding has chocolate ganache on the bottom and a creamy, delicious vanilla pudding on top. LOVED it!

One more week of TWD.... Crazy to think it is coming to an end!!!!!


Cindy said...

I can't believe there are so many recipes I have missed. Looks like I need to make this soon. I do love pudding.
Have a great Holiday Swason.

Tia said...

i haven't made this one either. merry CHRISTMAS!

alvarosa said...

The split-level pudding was great. Maybe a bit too sweet, but nevertheless great tasting, great looking and .. just great!

Peggy the Baker said...

I remember this! It was so delicious! Amazing how many great new recipes I've tried as I've baked through Dorie's book.

Flourchild said...

I remember making this! It was so good! I thought about making something I skipped too. But the bars won!

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