Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TWD: Earl Grey Madelines

Earl Grey is my husband's favorite tea so when this recipe came up on the rotation I knew I would be making them! I love the subtle taste of the Earl Grey and the lemon zest... so good! I think the 12 minute baking time was a little long, though... should've taken them out around 10 minutes. They still tasted fantastic!!! They will be gone quickly!

Thanks to Nicole of Bakeologie for hosting this week. The recipe can be found at her blog.


Flourchild said...

I would love to have one with a cup of hot tea right now! I am bummed I didn't get to bake this week. I have to get on this upcoming recipe soon! I am determined to post for next Tuesday!

Nichi said...

Oh I like that yours are dark like that, they are probably crunchy and have a more buttery nutty flavor.
Thanks for baking with me ;)

Cakelaw said...

Nice work on the mads. Glad you liked them.

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