Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cuban Sandwiches (and a great leftover idea!)

Best sandwich ever. No seriously. BEST SANDWICH EVER! I could eat this every day! It was soooooo good! The pork cooks in the crock-pot for 8 hours and is delicious on its own. I could eat the meat with nothing else. But you add ham, pickles, honey mustard, cheese, bread and press it all together??? Heaven on a plate. Make this NOW!

If you want to go all the way, make THIS CUBAN BREAD for the sandwich. YUM!

Oh, and if you have leftover meat (because it makes a lot!), make tacos! I reheated the pork with a bit of lime juice, added cilantro, tomatoes, and sour cream.... another amazing dinner.

So now that gives you two reasons to make this. Go... go now! :)

Cuban Sandwiches
Recipe from Cassie Craves

For the pernil:

1 2-pound pork shoulder or butt
4 cloves garlic, finely minced
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon oregano or marjoram
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon white vinegar
2 teaspoons salt

For the sandwiches:

Sliced Swiss cheese
Sliced ham
Sliced pickles
Rolls (hoagie rolls or something oblong work best)
Honey mustard

1. For the pernil: Combine garlic, pepper, oregano or marjoram, olive oil, vinegar and salt. Rub pork with garlic mixture and refrigerate overnight. Cook in a Crock pot on low for 8 hours.

2. To assemble the sandwiches, mix together equal parts mayonnaise and honey mustard. Spread sauce on both sides of a roll. Layer cheese, ham, pickles, pernil, and another slice of cheese on the bottom of a roll; top with other half of roll.

3. Press sandwiches in a panini press or skillet until bread is crispy and cheese is melted.


The McBride Family said...

Oooh that looks YUMMY AND easy! Two of my favorite things!!! :)

Leslie said...

Yum..Cubans are my favorite. Here in Tampa they are sold EVERYWHERE!

Flourchild said...

My daughter and I just split a Cuban sandwich from a Cuban restraunt here in town.It was sooo good! They have the best meat!
This looks amazing!

Shelby said...

Looks so yummy! I have never had a Cuban sandwich. Makes me want to make one! Love the pork tacos too!

RebekahRose said...

I LOVE cubans!! I will be saving this one!! :)

RebekahRose said...

We made these tonight and they are SO fantastic! Cooked the pork roast on low for about 11 hours and threw the sandwiches together when I got home - the pork roast is tender, juicy and delicious and so great with the other ingredients. We served ours on whole wheat hoagies. Yumm!! I got 2 thumbs up from both my boys. :)

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